Saturday, November 6, 2021

Fickle Kitty Iced Chai and Farmers Market

I love a good farmers market.  This one is about 10 minutes from my house.  This one does not have much in the way of fruits and vegetables, but it does have some homemade items and crafts.  It is fun to walk around and browse. 
This market is at a local farm.

My friends were set up there and selling her beautiful rugs and homemade items. 

I saw this cute teapot wind chime.  It reminds me of the one I made.  It is really cute. 

I did buy this adorable planter/teapot.

I did a frozen chai and some potstickers/dumplings.  I love that everything is homemade. 

The frozen chai was really good and super refreshing.  It was more on the sweet side then spicy side.

The frozen chai was good.  The price was good, the ladies were super friendly too.  I love to support local too.  The chai was good and I would get it again.

There were two food truck options.....


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