Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2012 and 2013 Tea Chai Té Portland (Sellwood), OR

visiting my sister in Washington, we went to Sellwood, OR.  It is part of Portland. OR.  In 2012 I discovered Lavender Bubble tea with milk.  It was INCREDIBLE.  In 2013 I asked to go back and have the drink again....unfortunately they were out of the lavender.  But, I still had a great time there!

Old caboose turned into a really cool tea house- over 120 kinds of tea!

Trouble deciding your hot tea choice by name only....here you can smell each sample! Very clever idea

 7983 SE 13th Ave - Portland, Oregon -
(503) 432-8747
Sellwood Caboose
Tea Shop Hours
Open Everyday

sisters enjoying Bubble Tea..mine is cold- hers is warm!

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