Saturday, July 20, 2013

TEALIGHTFUL Christmas Morning Tea

 I thought it would be a good day to try some new Tealightful Tea.  Even though it is not Christmas, this tea was calling my name :)  I heated my water in my electric kettle, I love the electric kettle!!!!
Product # T20324
Christmas Morning - 4 oz. - CUSTOM BLEND!
Black tea with orange, spice, cranberries and natural flavors.
Warm and fragrant black tea with orange, spice, natural cranberry flavors and real cranberry pieces. Enjoy on Christmas morning(or any morning really) with Cranberry Orange Scones.
Price: $14.00

 I add 2 tablespoons of loose leaf tea (because I am making 16 oz of tea) and then I add my heated water.  Have you used the tea maker yet?  OH MY!!  I love these tea makers.  I gave one to a friend this week for her to try, and she loved it too.  I have several makers :)  One at work and two at home.  I have two at home so that I can keep the loose leaf in the one maker and then if I decide to make a different cup of tea I don't have to empty the maker.  I have found the best deal for the tea maker is Teavana on the website for on-line products only, you can get one for $9.95!  You can also get them through Tealightful- which I just happen to sell :)

So, I steep the black tea for 3 minutes.

 Then once the tea is ready I set the tea maker on the mug.  Just be sure if you make a 16oz cup of tea, you mug holds 16oz...or you will have a mess.  Believe me, I know from experience!

As you can see that once the water is added to the loose leaves expand and fill the water with flavor.

This tea was good, I liked the spice flavor, I would have liked more orange. But, still it was a really good tea.  Want to try it??  Let me know I would be happy to let you try it.  The great thing about Tealightful teas is that the average cost for a cup of tea is .22-.25!  You can hardly beat that.

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