Saturday, July 27, 2013

What to do with bag that holds the tea bag????

I wanted to do something with the colorful, artsy tea bag holders......

My nephews helped me get the letters at Pat Catans.  The letter are pretty cheap.  I wish they were fatter, so that the tea bags could be seen better, but this was a start.  Maybe when I have a tea shop someday I will have bigger, fatter letters made for the wall.

I am an admitted tea snob, I really do not like most bagged teas.  However, I still like to try them and see if I might be wrong about the taste :)  In some cases I have been wrong, there are some good bagged teas out there.  As I have written in the past I like the tea in the sachets, I think that they have the best bagged tea flavor.  For me, loose leaf tea is where it is at.  But, I still find myself  trying the bag teas and wanting to keep the bag container.  I am the same way with the Chinese fortune cookie sayings too.  I have a container of tea bag containers and I had no idea what to do with them, then it hit me....deco podge them on letters.....

I love the way they turned out...but I guess I need to try more bagged tea. I need more bag containers.  I look at the bags and I can sometimes remember where I was when I drank that tea.  It is a giant artsy, memory piece for me.  I will hang them in my kitchen.
8/17/213 UPDATE....
I finally drank enough to tea to finish the sign

 My new tea sign goes great with my tea tins that border my kitchen cupboards!


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