Saturday, August 24, 2013

TEALIGHTFUL Shortbread cookies


Product # MX7005
Perfect Shortbread Cookie Mix

All Natural! Best Seller!
Price: $9.00
My up-line, Kelly, made the cookies for her tea party.  When I asked where she got the tea pot stamp, she said she got it as a gift. She passed the link on it to me.  The stamp is $9.95. 
Since I did not have the stamp I thought I would try this shortbread mold that I had already.

Since I have never made shortbread cookies and I did not know what to expect...and my oven was broken and I did not want to use the toaster over, I headed to my parents house!  My mom and I experimented with how to make these cookies!

all you need is sticks of butter and the mix

The Tealightful box said to make the mix, roll the dough into balls and then press down with a sugar covered glass.

The Tealightful box said to bake at 300 degrees

These cookies took longer than the box suggested to bake.  I think that we had them in the 300 degree over for almost 20 minutes.  The box warns not to over bake, we took them out earlier but they just were not finished.

the Brown Bag cookie mold book, said to bake at 350 degrees
so we baked them separately.
We tried to first put the dough in the mold and bake it that way 

We baked it at 350 degrees  

When we took them out of the mold, we realized that they were still not done, so we baked them longer - OUT of the mold.
We still did not get the strong definition that we wanted.

so the next time we made them, we pushed the dough into the mold and then popped it out and baked the cookie out of the mold.  It worked a little better

We still did not get the definition that I wanted.  If I were going to do this on a regular basis I would probably get the $9.95 stamp that is pictured above. 
When I tried the cookies, I thought that they were a little plain, but mom said they were perfect.  She said that is what shortbread cookies taste like.  I was expecting them to taste like Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies....hahaha.  So, all in all I was pleased.  If I were to buy the Tealightful mix again, I would either make them plain-like we did for most of the cookies, or I would get the tea pot stamp.  I would not try the Brown Bag mold again.
Since I watch my weight, I think if I was going to go have something with tea or for a tea party.... I would go for the scones.  I would not want to waste the calories on the shortbread cookie.  That is just my thought on the cookie versus the scone.
Thanks mom for a fun day of baking!!!!!

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