Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Inca Tea Mango Kombucha

Okay, you know I want to be truthful in what I think about tea- even when it is not positive.  And this one was a dud for me!  

I love Kombucha and I've been making it for over a year now.  I have given up soda and I like Kombucha in it's place. I like to try new brands and see if I can get flavor combinations that I may want to try myself. I also like to blog about the ones I try and help others find the best brands out there.

This tea was on sale so I thought I would try it.  I have to say I was NOT a fan.  I did not even finish it. It tasted like beer. I have only had beer once...I tried it my Senior year of high school and I thought it was disgusting!  So, I guess if you are a beer drinker you may enjoy it.
I do like to give two to chances before I swear it off, but I think I am going to make an exception this time and not try the kombucha again.
I will however try the bagged tea and see if it is better tasting. All the teas are made with the ancient Incans recipes in mind.  I learned on the website that, "Each blend is made with real purple corn and 100% natural ingredients. All of our teas are Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Rain Forest Alliance Certified." I would like to try the tea and see what I think of those.  I wonder if the corn is giving the tea the earthy beer taste.

from the website:
"Mango has always been a favorite fruit of the founder so he decided to add a little twist to the original blend . It’s a refreshing blend of mango, sweet herbs, and citrus flavors."

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