Monday, June 11, 2018


so extremely bummed that Teavana is closing it doors. It was my favorite for loose teas.  It was expensive, but you got what you paid for. It was soooo good. 
I went into the store and did my last shopping there.
I remember in 2013 my first introduction to Teavana. I was in Vancouver WA visiting my sister.  She took me to the mall and I fell in love. It was actually the reason I decided to blog. It re-awoke my love for good loose leaf tea and all the joys the flavor of teas bring.  My first tea from Teavana is still my favorite-  Lavender Citrus Sage.

One of my favorite teas is Jasmine. I splurged since it was on sale and bought Jasmine Silver Needle.  It is delicious!!!

Since I made a purchase I then got 2oz free of Chai.  it was win win!!

Goodbye Teavana, I will miss you!!!

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