Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Garden party 2018

I took some of my garden flowers out to my parents to add to their tea party....

dad and I chilling....

Helping my mom in the kitchen.  I am helping with the lemon curd tarts.

I have chocolate pudding cups... I want them to look like chai cups.  I know that they don't- but they are cute and the kids like them.

Amazing food!!!

mom and I using our favorite sets of dishes and drinking tea.

It was a great day for a tea party.  It was just gorgeous out!!!  I love tea party day!!!

My mom goes all out with the food. I love love love the things she makes.  I would hire her for my tea shop any day!!!

The queen is in!!!  I also had this flag made my my parents for the party.  I had it made on groupon for less than $10!!  If I find the company makes the flags, I will add it here.

I love this tea set!!!!!!

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