Monday, December 9, 2019

Almond Black Tea, Ohio Tea Company

From the website, "This aromatic black tea blend has a rich, sweet taste and an aromatic fragrance that will delight your senses! The bright amber cup smells like a hot amaretto toddy but our tea version is, of course, non-alcoholic! The brewed cup has a pronounced, but not overdone, amaretto taste that lingers deliciously on the tongue. As it cools, this tea becomes even smoother with the almond flavor becoming less pronounced. Certified Kosher.


Black teas, almond pieces and almond flavoring. Contains Tree Nuts."

This tea is delicious!!   I love the almond notes that come through.  I added milk to this tea and I loved it even more.  I love the aroma of this tea.   Can you tell I love it?  It would be great with an almond biscotti too.

The best place I have found for tea canisters is the Ohio Tea Company.   It is best to keep your tea in dark, sealed place.  I know that loose leaf tea looks nice in glass jars, but it's best not to let the light in.  They have a variety of sizes and their prices are the best around.

I enjoyed this tea while I played Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo.  This tea is so good!  I hope you get to try it.  It is perfect while enjoying Christmas movies.

My cat, Earl Grey, enjoys matching my cat mug too.

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