Sunday, December 29, 2019

Tea Forte Tea Over Ice

My mom was recovering from Gall Bladder surgery, so I took Earl Grey over to see her.  I called him my therapy cat.  My mom and my aunt loved seeing him.  Earl loved hanging out.

My mom loves iced tea, so I took over some Tea Forte Tea Over Ice.

She picked the blood orange tea.  It was quick and easy to maker her the iced tea.  She said it was good, not outstanding, but good.

I purchased the sampler pack to try all different kinds of their iced tea. I am really enjoying the favors.
I have made the celyon gold and and it was a great black tea.  I have also enjoyed the raspberry nectar.  These teas have wonderful flavor.  I am a big fan.

Ice Over Tea is is so quick and easy to make.  Let me know what flavors you enjoy the most.

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