Saturday, January 4, 2020

Pioneer Coffeehouse, Jasmine Baihao Tea, Dalton Ohio

I had the day off so I decided to take my Christmas gift card and coupon and go have some tea. I was looking forward to having tea at Pioneer Coffeehouse.  I wanted to try their Hugo tea.

I went in thinking I would get the oolong tea, but then the gal working the counter told me there was a new tea- Jasmine.  I love Jasmine, so I went for that one.


These are beautiful rolled leaves.  I love that they unfurl when they steep.

from the website, 
"notes — sweet pea | hawthorn honey | nectarine
nomenclature — bai (白)—"white" | hao (皓)—"tip"

style — rolled & scented bai hao ("white tips")
cultivar — da ye ("big leaf")
region — guangxi province
locale — long kou farm
producer — mingfu lei
vintage — summer 2019"

This is the first place that I have ever been to that gave me a timer with my tea- I LOVE IT!!

I was given my tea and a timer- that way I could get my tea perfect.  How great is that???!  More tea places need to do this.  If you have the correct temperature and the correct steep time, you will get a wonderful cup of tea.

They even give you your own pitcher.  Once I finished this cup, I went back for more hot water.

This was a really nice Jasmine tea.  The Jasmine /floral notes were super strong, I have to say I liked the second cup better than the first, it was not as intense as the first cup.

I hung out for almost two hours- drinking tea and blogging.   They have free wi-fi and several comfy places to chill in the coffeehouse.  I like their style and the vibe in there.

The only thing missing as I looked out the window was snow!!  I love watching it snow...

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