Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Cafe Arnone- Turmeric Latte

The day after Thanksgiving was a great day to get out and do a little tea hunting.  I had never gone tea tasting in the Fairlawn, Ohio area, so I spent the day hoping from one tea place to another. 

I stopped at Arnone for the first time.  It is an Italian Coffee Bar. The menu looks really good.  Next time I will have to get something to eat. I had seen it before it before but never stopped.  The cafe was not open inside to sit, so I went to the drive thru.   I tried their golden milk latte. 

The latte was really good. I did have to stir it often because it was a bit gritty, but the taste was really good.  I liked the turmeric spice, it mingled nicely with the other spices.

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