Saturday, January 23, 2021

Ohio Tea Company Gui Fei Oolong

Earl Grey tries to stop me when i am blogging... he is so cute I usually end up stopping to play with him.

I tried another fun oolong tea.  Ohio Tea has this new tea and I really like it.  I love the oolong notes, to me there is no other tea like oolong.

Gui Fei Oolong is an exquisite and rare oolong from Taiwan.   It has a supremely unique wild honey flavor, with sweet, floral and woody notes.

GuiFei , also known as Concubine Oolong,  belongs to a subclass of tea that originated in Taiwan, known as bitten oolong. Bitten teas are created when the Green Leafhopper bites into tippy buds of the tea plant, causing the leaf to oxidize while on the branch. The result is an instantly recognizable flavor profile, both fragrant and intense.

When I make tea in the french press, I put the tea above the press so that I can lift the press when the tea is done steeping, that way I don't over steep it.  Or I put the loose leaf tea a tea bag to steep.

I gave this tea 5 tea cups.  I love the uniqueness of this tea.  The flavor notes are really great.  There is sweetness and an earthiness that you can taste.  I love that I could get this rare tea in Canton Ohio.


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