Sunday, January 17, 2021

Bolthouse Vanilla Chai

I am huge fan of this chai.  And when I see the store has it on sale I usually buy a bottle or two.  I found a buy one get one free.  I snatched two up.  I drink this cold and usually add ice or just drink it straight out of the fridge.

Ingredients: Soy milk from Concentrate (Water, soy, and milk concentrate), Cane sugar, Soy Protein Isolate, Natural Flavors, Acacia Gum, Sea Salt, Green Tea (Water, Green Tea Extract- Natural, antioxidant rich green tea. Chai spices of cardamom, clove and ginger. A hint of real, tropical grown vanilla.)

I enjoyed this chai with Brussels Mint cookies.  It was a really great pairing. 

I love this stuff!!!!  It is just the right mixture of  spices and I love that it is soy and not milk.  It is dairy and gluten free.  There is no chalky taste, it is smooth and refreshing.  I gave it only 4 tea cups, because of the sugars.  I hate when there always so much added sugar to drinks.

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