Friday, January 8, 2021

Happy Tails Thrift Shop- good for tea items

The day after Thanksgiving was a great day to get out and do a little tea hunting.  I had never gone tea tasting in the Fairlawn, Ohio area, so I spent the day hoping from one tea place to another. 

I stumbled upon this Thrift Shop in Akron.  I really thought this was a great store and I love that the money is going to benefit the Humane Society.  It might be one of my favorite new thrift shops.

I found 2 tea cups and 2 tea pots at this thrift shop.  The fun thing about collecting things is the hunt.  You never know when you will find something fun and unique.  I would like to know the story behind the antiques I discover.

Who owned the item before me?  Where has this piece been?  Who drank from this cup?  What stories were told over this cup of tea?

I found these two tea cups.  I took the price tags off, but I think all there tea cups were around $5.

There were probably 20 tea cups in the shop.  It was a lot of fun to look through them all and discover which tea cups I felt I liked best.

I then purchased this unique copper tea pot. This is not one I would use, but it looks nice on my kitchen shelf.  I believe the $5 was worth it.

I then got this unique tea pot for $5 as well.  This tea pot is like no other tea pot I have seen.  It also steeps tea.

There is a basket that holds the tea.  Then there is lever that goes up and down that moves the basket of tea up and down.  Once the tea is steeped, you pulled the lever up and then it folds off to the side to keep the basket up inside the lid so that the tea does not over steep.  It is super clever,  I just adore this pot.

You can see below that the basket it up in the lid and out of sight....and the lever is folded so it does not lower again.

Here you can see the basket is being lowered into the tea pot.

I also went to this Goodwill too.  It was a fun day to just be out and about.

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