Sunday, September 12, 2021

Homemade Tea globes

At Christmas I saw these hot coco bombs everywhere.  I then thought it would be fun to make them with chai.  Then I started to see tea globes being posted.  I thought, hmmm, I could make those.

This globe was filled with hot coco and marshmallows. 

I went on line and watched a video on how to make tea globes.  I then got Isomalt Crystals from Amazon.  The Isomalt also came with gloves.

I also purchased a set of silicone molds for chocolate and sugar.  The set of three was $10.95.  I think they were a good deal.  

I watched the video and was told to melt the isomalt. I learned not to stir the crystals. I believe that gives it bubbles.  I moved the pan around helping the isomalt to melt.

I then took a spoon and scooped the liquid into the mold.  You have to work quickly because it cools so fast.  It also makes lots of strings.  It is kind of messy.  The video made it look so easy.

Once in the mold add the food coloring.

It was a disaster.  But, the nice thing about it being sugar is that if it doesn't wok out you can put it back in the skillet and try again.

These were tough to get into the molds too.  I kept getting holes where I missed putting the sugar...and it cools so very fast. I kept getting the sugar strings and there thin and messy.

I tried to make it an put a tea bag inside.

I have to say that it looks great, but it was super fragile.

The other difficult things was lining the two side together.  They said to warm up the one side, but with the gloves the sides were hard to pick up.

You can see they just do not match.  I tried rolling the sides in the pan to melt and it just crumbled. The way I thought I could get around that was to put a ribbon around the middle to hide the seems.
I tried taking the gloves off, but then I burnt my fingers.  
I watched the video about 15 times and I just could not get the technique down.

This was the best one.  I tried to make about 6 and only 1 came out somewhat decent.  It is not as easy as it looks.

Again, the nice thing when one broke you would just reheat it and start over.

I am not sure what I was thinking...if the big globes to fit together, why did I think I could get the small globes to fit.  And If I had gaps on the side in the big ones, did I not think I would have gaps with the small ones???

What a disaster!!

I thought I would make these globes and put chai in them.  So, when you put them in hot water/milk the sugar would dissolve and you would get the chai.  I thought I would fill one side with chai and then put the other side of the globe on.

I could get one side to work and think I would have it and then I could not get them to fit.  Or I would get it to fit and then were too thin and I would bust it.

You can see here the gap.  After about 2 hours I called it a night.  All ended up doing was make a big mess with chai on this experiment. 

Nope- not happening.  Maybe if I have a friend over I will try it again.  Maybe two heads are better than one.  If you have made these and have more tips, please let me know.

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