Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Woodstock, Sunshine Daydream Latte - Iced, Vermilion Ohio

I spent a week in Vermilion Ohio on vacation.  It was my summer camps 100th birthday.  It was a great week.  There were speakers, music and lots of friends.

One afternoon while in town I went on a tea run for my 4 girlfriends and myself.  I love the coconut lattes (the Sunshine Daydream) at Woodstock, so this was first choice to grab drinks.

I love the vibe in this place...the windows hanging up are my favorite.  But the bike table is a close second.  Everything about the decor is cool!

The food here is really good too.  I have eaten here a few times and always enjoyed the food.  The prices are a bit high, but the food is worth it.  I have never left hungry or dissatisfied with the food.

When I was here in May I got the Sunshine Latte and I have to say I was disappointed.  But, this time was great.  No wonder I have not been able to duplicate it- it must be a hard latte to make.  But, the barista did a fantastic job with this drink.

The coconut chai was great and I loved the cinnamon and the coconut flakes.  This drink hit the spot,  i would give it 5 tea cups this trip.  The price is good, the flavor was delicious. 

I headed back to the pool with teas for my friends.  It was a great relaxing afternoon in the sun.

I think this may have been the first time in 5 or 6 years that I have lazed by a pool.  It was wonderful though to hang with friends and drink tea.

Sometimes you need to take the time to relax and enjoy yourself.  It was a hot one, but I admit this did fill up my tank.

While in town, I found my favorite animal...a moose.  I could not resist a quick photo while I was filing up my car with gas.

There is nothing like a Lake Erie sunset!!!

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