Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Day 4 of working from home, featuring Teavana Cha Yen Thai Tea

98.1- it is safe for me to work, lol.  I am again at home working.  Today is day 4.

Last night I set the tea out that I wanted to try today.  It's like when I was a kid putting my clothes out the night before.  I know it is like I am teasing ya'll when I pick a Teavana tea, since you can no longer buy it.  But, I could not help it, I really like this tea.

I usually don't like Rooibos tea, but this one is mixed with a Black tea and I really to enjoy it.

Normally I would say when you have a tea blend, you want the water to be perfect for the lowest temp tea.  If I had a green and black-I would put the water temp for  a green tea, not the black.  But, with a rooibos and a black, they both have the same temp- 212.  Same applies with the steep time, go with the quickest steep time.   Rooibos is 5-6 minutes, Black is 3-5 minutes.  So, I steeped for 5 mintues.  When in doubt look on the label of the tea.

The two most important thing when making tea is the WATER TEMP and the STEEP TIME!!!

You don't want to bruise your leaves by making the water temp to hot or over steeping your tea.  Believe me, you will tell a difference when you make it right.


I love having a tea steeper for my loose leaf tea.  I think it is the perfect way to steep and dispense the tea.

I love the almond and coconut notes in this tea.  I am not normally into the sweet/honey notes of the rooibos tea, but it works with this tea.  And the black tea helps give it a boost too.  I am sad that I only have about one more helping of this tea.

I miss Teavana!!!!

Earl Grey loves to be more mischievous in the morning. 

He knows he is not allowed on the table, but it's like he can't help himself when it is my desk.  I promise he is not normally on the table.  I took the photo and then got him down right away!!

In the afternoon, Earl Grey, seems to love his naps.  He is so cute laying right beside me as I work.

My county is holding the line and staying Virus free.  I hope you are doing okay during this time of social distancing and staying home.  I have to say I really like it.  I am introvert and I love being home.  I always knew I could be a hermit.  I am a home body.  Don't get me wrong, I like people and being with my friends, but I definitely like my down time- it recharges me.

I have to admit I have never had a moment of fear during this time.  I have a peace it will all be okay.  My God is bigger then all of this.  I pray that you are doing okay too. Stay healthy and enjoy the time at home.  Drink tea, clean, play games with your family, read, pray, exercise, recharge. 

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