Thursday, March 26, 2020

Day 6 of working from home, featuring Ohio Tea Company Bohemian Raspberry Green Tea

I got up and was temp free, so I was ready to start my day.  It was garbage day so I went to take the garbage out.

Unfortunately, I took a fall while taking out the garbage.  I actually fell into the garbage can!!

This is from the video that the neighbors sent. I asked them for it. 

I cut my hand and hit my head.  I am so sore!!  I can't believe I fell, but there is good news...the neighbor caught the fall on their RING doorbell, so there is a video!!

But, now back to the tea!!!  I waited until mid morning to have some tea.  The say the best time to have green tea is after 10.  It's not good to have green tea on an empty stomach- it's not good for your kidney's.  

Today I went with Bohemian Raspberry Green Tea.  It is so good.  I love the real chunks of raspberry.  The flavor is so good.

Japanese style sencha with raspberry pieces and natural raspberry flavor 

This is such a good light, fresh tea. I love the fruity notes.  I had two cups out of one serving of leaves.  This is a great tea!!!  It is does not have the grassy, earthy notes that some green teas have.

Later in the day my mom popped in for a wellness check and to bring me so wound closures, she is so sweet!

Tonight I used a heated massager for the longest time, trying to work out the soreness.  Earl Grey stayed with me and made sure I was okay.  


Hope you are finding joy and sharing joy!

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