Saturday, March 28, 2020

Tea Product testing items

I have been having a blast product testing.  I am always searching for tea related products.  I have been product testing since August....but just found these tea products since January.

Stove top kettle- not something I would use on a regular basis, since I have electric kettles.  But, if I have a lot of people coming over for tea, I would use it as a back up for having water ready.

Glass Stove Top Kettle

Groshe, two items

One Cup, Stove Top "Kettle" of sorts.  Not something I would normally work, it is for one cup.  Electric kettle is much easier to use.

Tea steeper- ** a must for a loose leaf tea drinker***


Milk Frothers- The Bosaly one was my favorite.  Holds a lot and super easy to clean.

Milk frother

Electric Kettle- this one was my favorite, since it has temp controls.

Electric Kettle

Elephant mugs

My favorite item????  That is a tough call, I already had an electric kettle, milk frother, and a tea steeper- and those items are a must for drinking tea and making lattes.  So, I might have to say the elephant mug with the tea bag holder might be my favorite, since I did not have it already.

If you get a chance to product test or try new items, do it.  You may discover a new way to do things or a new "tool" that will make your life easier.

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