Monday, March 23, 2020

Day 3, Working from home, featuring Tapal Danedar Masala

Today is day 3 of working from home.

My featured tea today is Tapal Dandar Instant Masala. It is really good, it's like chai in a cup.  If it weren't for the sugar and calories in this I would enjoy this a lot more often.  I love the flavor, but one of the main reasons I drink tea is for the health benefits. 

Instant tea is so easy to use.  Hot water, instant tea, stir and drink.

Partially Skimmed Dry Milk, Sugar, Tea Extract, Spice Extract

After my third day of working from home, the cat and I are getting into a great routine.  I am so going to miss Earl Grey when I have to go back to the office.  During the day today Earl thought it would be a good idea to see what I was up too. I think he just wanted some attention.  I cuddled with him for awhile and he was then content to go back to the floor.

Hope you are finding joy and sharing joy!

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