Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Day 15, featuring Ohio Tea Company mixed tea- Creamy Toasted Coconut Oolong and Lavender Tea

Today is day 15, of the new normal, working from home.

I checked my temp and I am fever free, so I am good to go to work.

I know that I have shared about this tea before, but I am doing it again!!!  I love this tea.  

When you were growing up- were you told not to play with your food?  I was told that.  But, I am telling you to play with your tea!!

I found that mixing your tea can be fun and you can discover all kinds of new flavors and teas.


I mixed creamy toasted coconut oolong with lavender .  I love the combination of coconut and lavender.   The ratio was about 3/4 coconut and 1/4 lavender.

Try it sometime, take a plain tea and mix it with a fruity or floral tea.  Take a mint tea and mix it with a fruit tea.  Don't be afraid to try new things.

The key is if they are two different kinds of tea, heat the water to the lowest temp and the same goes with steeping.  With this mixture I had an oolong and a herbal.  The oolong is lower temp, so I heated my water to 195.  I also steeped to the oolong which is 4 minutes. 

This is great tea the coconut blends well with the lavender.  

I am also enjoying my home made kombucha.  

My cousin popped over to try some kombucha .  She ended up leaving with two kinds of kombucha and yesterdays featured tea- the turmeric latte.

While I am working from home, anyone is welcome to drop in during the day and try some tea.  If you want to try the featured tea or something else, please come by.

I have these fun travel cups too!  I received 85 cups and lids as a product's great to put them to good use!

Hope you are finding joy and sharing joy!

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