Friday, April 10, 2020

Might Leaf Earl Grey and my Tea-rrific Birthday

For my 48th birthday with my family, my mom made me Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps.  They were so good!!!  I love these, I wish there wasn't so much chopping of the ingredients., that is why I don't make them.  But, since my mom loves me- she chops!!!

Also, because she loves me, she makes me an elderberry pie every year for my birthday.  I think we have hit about 10 straight years she has made these pies for me.

So good!  This pie is so amazing!!!

This is the only pie that I add milk too.  I really don't like milk, but I learned to add it to this pie- and now it is a must for me.

I also enjoyed Mighty Leaf tea with my pie.  Mighty Leaf bagged tea is like having a loose leaf tea.  They do a great job with their tea!!

The bags of tea are so full of flavor.  I have come to enjoy a good Earl long as the bergamot is not too strong.  This Earl Grey has a very nice blend of citrus and bergamot.  I really enjoy this tea.  

Mighty Leaf makes all kinds of great teas, you should check them out.

For my birthday, I got all kinds of fun iced teas.
(Granted I picked out these teas for my parents to give me as a gift, lol)

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