Thursday, April 9, 2020

Day 16, featuring Sub Rosa Peach Pie Tea

Today is my last day of work this week, since we tomorrow off.   So, let me say Happy Easter now!!  I hope you find a special way to celebrate Easter.  

I took my temp today and I am fever free, so I am good to go! 

I wanted to feature another Ohio tea company, Sub Rosa.  Sub Rosa is a great tea company.  They were so kind when I went to Africa and I taught a tea class- they donated all kinds of tea for me to take over.  The Africans had so much fun trying the teas.

Ingredients: black tea, honeybush, ginger, cinnamon, peaches, apricot, papaya, cloves, lemon juice, sea salt, citric acid, malic acid

One of the great things about Sub Rosa is that the package tells you EXACTLY how to make the tea!!  It lets you know the kind of tea, how much caffeine, the water temp, how much tea to add and the steep time.  Having all the important information on the front of the package is super helpful.  It takes all the guess work out!

You can see all the "goodies" in this tea!  It is so flavorful!  To me I tasted a lot of the clove and cinnamon, it definitely reminded me of pie filling.  The peach notes were subtle, but I tasted them.  I enjoyed this tea.


Today was crazy weather- it snowed and I heard thunder.  I took a break with Earl Grey and we watched it snow for a bit.  I am enjoying my Washington State Starbucks mug- thinking of my sister and her family who live in Washington.

My cousin stopped by for some kombucha today.  

I decided to make a sign to hang on the front door during the day to show that I have tea to share.

If you see this sign stop on in for some tea.
Just knock on the door, place an order and I will get it for you to go.

Hope you are finding joy and sharing joy!

Happy Easter!

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