Saturday, February 20, 2021

Wooster Everything Surplus

Wanting to try new teas, but don't want to spend much?  Try surplus and scratch and dent places. I have had really good luck at these places.  
Everything Surplus in Wooster is a great place to find teas.  

I am a fan of Shangri La Iced Teas.  I have been able to find this tea several times when I have gone there.  The mango flavor really comes through in this tea.

I am not a big fan of plain black tea, but my sister loves this tea.  Also, my friend is a fan of this tea, so I purchased some for her.  It always makes me chuckle when I think how different all our taste buds are.  I am glad God made us all different and unique.

One of my new favorites is the Special Tea.  I have purchased 5 or 6 different flavors and love them all.  If you purchased this tea on line it would be super expensive, but at the Surplus store it is very reasonable.

If you see this tea you should snatch it up!  And if you don't want it for yourself, I will buy it from you.

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