Friday, August 9, 2013

Paromi tea...Coconut Almond and shipping surprise

My friend Robin introduced me to Paromi Tea, and after trying Paradise Mate and Oolong Lemon Ginger I knew I had to order some tea from this company!  I placed an order for Chamomile Lavender and Coconut Almond teas.  With this company you get 15 sachets for $10.00.  And ya'll know I love sachets!  I also really like the glass containers the tea comes in. They are darken containers so the tea will not go bad with the light coming in.
Well, today I was running errands at lunch.  I swung by my house to pick up my mail before I went back to work.  I saw a big box on the porch, I thought "What in the world is this?"  I took the box back to work and opened it.  I was pleasantly surprised to see it was my Paromi Tea.  It was a big box, and it was packed VERY well.  I pulled out the teas and found that there were four teas inside, not just two.  I headed down to see my friend Charlie (Robin's husband) to show him the teas I had just received.  I told him he had to take some home to Robin.  We looked at the teas and smelled them- I was so excited. 
I went back to my office and decided I needed to call Paromi and let them know that they sent me too much tea.  As I looked closer in the box I noticed that there was a note inside.
I was SHOCKED to see a note from Paromi Tea saying that they read my blog and that they were sending me extra tea.  I was giddy with excitement.  I was taking it all over the office sharing with people.  Charlie took Coconut Almond home for Robin.  Tim took Sleep with Me home for his wife Chrissy. Cindy took Coconut Almond and Sleep with Me tea home to try.  Judy took home Sleep with Me tea.  Melanie took one too, but I forget which one.  Steve tried Coconut Almond at work and he said it was very good.

Here is Steve trying the Coconut Almond.  He said he liked it.

Here are the two teas  I purchased...Chamomile Lavender and Coconut Almond

 Here is what Paromi sent me as a treat...Sleep with Me and Hibiscus Berry
Now big dilemma, what do I try first???  I decided to go with Coconut Almond

I love the mesh sachet/mesh bags- I feel like you are getting loose leaf tea quality.  You get chucks of tea and not tiny pieces like in bagged tea.

the color is beautiful...and the taste...I LOVE IT.  I bet I have 50 teas in my kitchen and I can not think of any tea that has these flavors and taste.  I can taste the almonds right away.  And the smell is divine.  It is very fun.
Hand-picked Assam black tea from the Nahorhabi tea estate in North India provides the strong base of this savory blend. California almonds deliver a distinctive nutty flavor while slices of sweet coconut from Indonesia add a subtle layer of complexity. South Asia meets West Coast in this aromatic elixir.
black tea, coconut, almond, natural coconut and almond essence

Brewing Instructions:
Place 1 sachet in 10-12 oz boiling water and steep 5 minutes. Take this opportunity to clear your head. For a great second brew, reuse the sachet, steeping longer. Our Coconut Almond is great on its own or try adding regular, coconut, or almond milk.

Caffeinated - About 1/3 of the caffeine in a cup of coffee.

Origin of Key Ingredients:
Hand picked Assam Black Tea: Nahorabi Tea Estate; Sibsagar District; Assam, India
Almonds: California Coconut: Indonesia

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