Saturday, April 4, 2020

Ohio Tea Company, more tea

I love Ohio Tea Company!!! I love that my office has allowed us to carry this tea in our office.  Many co-workers have said how much they are enjoying having the option of good tea for them to drink.  

We "needed" more tea at the office.  So, I went and picked up some great new teas at Ohio Tea Company.  They have the most amazing teas.  

I purchased some new "light, bright" teas from spring.  I am not sure when we will be back in the office  (Due to the working from home issue) to drink them, but they are there waiting for me!!

I purchased- Mango Sencha, Crime of Passion, Moroccan Mint, Bohemian Raspberry, African Summer, and Bora Bora Mango

African Summe - Honeybush, orange peel, lemon grass, rose-hips, safflowers, with orange, and lemon flavor

Bota Bora Mango - Rooibos, dried mango, blackberry leaves, calendula petals and natural flavors,

Moroccan Mint -Gunpowder green tea | Organic Peppermint | Organic Spearmint

Bohemian Raspberry- Japanese style sencha with raspberry pieces and natural raspberry flavor

Mango Sencha- Sencha, mango flavor, sunflower blossoms

Crime of Passion - green tea. sunflower petals, natural dried papaya, and natural passion fruit flavor

I also filled some other teas that were getting low.  How incredible is it to have these options at work!!!  I am blessed to have these teas at my office.

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