Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Day 10, Plum Deluxe Tea, Coconut a la Creme Black Tea

Just a little reminder for you today.  Try to mindfully go through this list daily.  Make a choice to be happy and dwell on the good things in your life.

1. I am grateful for a job 
2. I checked in on two friends today
3. I am letting go of running out for things I don't really need- make lunch, don't go to the store just because I can
4. I took the trash out to the garage
5. I am moving, by getting up every hour to walk to the kitchen for more water/tea
Beauty creating???  Positive thinking, praying for others, and memorizing Bible verses.

Happy 1st day of April,  No fever, so I am cleared to work.

Happy April 1st!!!

Today I am featuring Plum Tea.  This is an online tea company.  They have really great tea!!  I did their tea of the month club for a few months.  It was always a fun surprise to see what tea I would be sent.  They feature a new tea each month.

Black Tea, Coconut Pieces, Vanilla & Coconut Essences, Calendula, Love, Gratitude

You can see the chunks of coconut in this tea!

I decided to make this into a latte. It was delicious!!!  I added a little salty caramel syrup to my milk and it was so good!!  It mixed so well with the coconut.

The flavors in this tea are so good. It has a creaminess to it.  I love it. Coconut is one of my favorite flavors ever! 

I have had some amazing co-workers over the years, but this one has to be my favorite!!  Earl Grey is the BEST. COWORKER. EVER!!!

Hope you are finding joy and sharing joy!

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