Friday, April 3, 2020

Day 12, Featuring Charleston Plantation Peach Tea

I have been tea blogging since 2013 and this is my 1,300th post!!!

Day 12, of working from home.  This is the new normal.  I took my temp and I have no fever, so I am working!!

I have taken to featuring a different tea while I work from home.  Today is Charleston Plantation Tea.

Did you know that there is only ONE tea plantation in all of the US!  Charleston is the only place in the US with the right growing conditions.

The tea plantation goes back to 1666 and is 127 acres.

My supervisor and his wife went to Charleston and they brought me back this tea.  I love it!! This is a nice black tea with great notes of peach.  This would be nice with milk added to it too.

With this black tea you want your water over 200 degrees.  You also want to steep 3-5 minutes.  I steep on the lower end, so I can make 2 cups of tea with one serving.

I love seeing the sun come in my window at 8 am!  I think it will be harder to stay home with this nice weather.  It just makes me want to get out and do things.  I want to geocache with my nephews, bike ride and work outside.  I know I can do most of those things, but it'll be tough not to see people while doing this.

This tea is really good and I love using this mug.  It was a gift and I like to think the mug is saying to  me, "Hey there hottie".  I giggle every time I use the mug!

Hope you are doing well and finding the joy in your day.

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