Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Sub Rosa -Banana Nut

My friend gave me this one to try.  I have to say I like it.  Others in the office were not sure.  They said if they would rather have the banana bread then drink it, but for me... I would rather drink it.  There are no calories in drinking banana nut.

I thought this tasted like a warm muffin or slice of bread.  I found it very delightful.

I am a fan of Sub Rosa.  They are from Ohio- which makes them local for me.  And when I went to Africa and I did a tea tasting class, they sent me free teas to take over to Africa.  They are a class act.  I also like all the tea ladies I have met who sell Sub Rosa.  They are super friendly and have a great knowledge of the tea that they are selling.

When making loose leaf tea, if you don't have a steeper, then just keep empty tea bags/brew bags on hand.  This the the way we share tea at work.  Put some tea in a tea bag and share with a friend.

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