Thursday, January 23, 2020

LECharm Peach Iced Green Tea Instant Tea

from the website, 
"LeCharm Tea & Herb USA, Inc. is a leading global supplier of various innovative tea and herbal extract products. Pure tea extract is the outstanding invention of our senior R&D team consisting of professionals after years’ research. The pure tea extract made by the patented technology of PLEESIT, is full of essences extracted from natural tea leaves. Its safe, convenient, instant, healthy, and eco-friendly features make it a trendy drink for the whole world. 

LeCharm pure tea extract, using nano-level extraction from tea leaf cell and integrated solution of production system by applying advanced nuclear essences extraction technologies. With raw material of well selected tea leaves from ecologic tea garden, is manufactured by our independently-invented whole set of bio-engineering extraction system, its multistage membrane separation technology, after breaking the cell wall of tea leaf under high pressure, efficiently and extracts the beneficial components of tea leaves and removes the useless elements like fiber and pectin and the harmful components such as pesticide residue and heavy metals by different molecular weights, and then has the beneficial components technically blended, making pure tea extract without pesticide residue, additive free, natural and of excellent taste. "

I decided to try this instant tea.  I have to say I really enjoyed it.  The Peach flavor , it really comes through. It's super easy to make, I heated the water, added the tea and in seconds I had a cup of tea. 
I did not need to add sugar or anything to this tea, it was great all on it's on.  I could not see where any sugar is added to this tea, it appears to be all natural.

I would say that you want to be sure NOT to taste the powder.  I had some of the lip of the cup, I tried the powder and it was horrible.  So, do not try the powder!

How to Brew tea in 3 seconds
Mix with 6.8-10 fl.oz. of Hot/Cold/Iced Water. Shake well if mixing with Cold/Iced water. Mixing with less water if stronger taste preferred. Add Lemon/Honey/Milk/Sugar depending on personal preference.

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