Saturday, January 25, 2020

Tea Forte Jasmine Pearls

I have blogged about Tea Forte Jasmine Pearls before, it was one I really enjoy.  I enjoy it warm and cold.  Today I was making it warm again.  I thought I would use one of my Christmas gifts- the copper mug.

One thing to remember with these copper mugs, is to use the handle- the sides get super hot!!! The copper mug is made for cold drinks, lol.

When I was a tea shop in Portland, I learned that you should soak your jasmine pearls for 30-50 seconds before you make your first pot of tea.  I found that interesting, but now I do it every time.  The lady said you get a better first cup of tea.

I love these rolled leaves.  They are beautiful.  When you make a green tea you want to keep the water temp low, around 175 degrees.  If you get it too hot, you will bruise the leaves and you will have a really bitter tea.  You will want to steep the tea for 2-4 minutes.  I usually stick to 3 minutes or less.  With a quality tea like this you can get 2 cups of tea out of one serving.

You can see that you start with these beautiful rolled tea leaf balls, but they unfurl as they steep.  If you don't like floral teas, you probably want to avoid this jasmine tea.  But, I think it is a wonderful tea- not perfumey, but definitely floral.

The tea is a nice green color, but again copper cups like this are not for hot tea, lol.  Lesson learned. 

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