Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Skinny Piggy Kombucha - Ginger Snappy and Sun-kissed Lavender

I was grocery shopping and I discovered this kombucha.  

I bought this kombucha at Giant Eagle.  It was on sale and I have to say I loved it!!!  It was pricey if it was not sale, sine it was only a 12 oz.  But, on sale it was worth trying.

I can't remember which kombucha I liked more, I just loved them both.  This kombucha is very flavor forward.  You knew exactly that you were drinking a ginger or lavender kombucha.  I love that the calories are low too.  
The ginger kombucha is made with a black tea and the lavender is made with a white tea...so, the ginger tea would have more caffeine than the lavender tea.

I also like that there is no stevia or artificial sugars in this kombucha, I like the cane sugar.

If you see this kombucha at a good price I would recommend you try it out.

The only reason they get 4 tea cups and not 5 tea cups is because of the price.

I do like to use my kombucha bottles as flower vases too.

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