Sunday, August 22, 2021

Tire Tea Cup

I have seen these tea cup planters made out of tires.  So, on one of my Wednesday Wanderings I decided to find the supplies.

I found this tire shop that said I could have free tires from their dumpster pile.  I was thrilled and loaded Jellybean's hatch with some tires I thought might work.

The teapot is too advanced for me at this time...but the teacup I think I can mangage/

I took the tires out to my dad to see if we could trim the tires.  And make a handle out of the extra tire.

I had no idea that there were metal wires or banding in a tire.  We did not have the correct equipment to cut the tire.  Dad said he could probably cut it inside with a tool he had in the shop, but there would be sparks and we weren't prepared for that.  So....time for plan #2.

I decided I would just stack the tires.  I just needed to paint them.  I went to the Ace Hardware and bought some industrial spray paint.

I love the color and the look.  The next step was trying to figure out the base ( saucer) and the handle.
 It was time to put on my thinking cap.

I started to think that the handle could be tubing or maybe a bicycle wheel.  I would start with the bike tire.  We have a local bike shop so I went there.  I explained what I was doing and that I just needed a junky tire.  They said that they had those and I was welcome to help myself.  Something else for free!!!!  I am loving this project!!!


With tire in hand I headed back to my dad to see if he could cut the tire.    There we had success!!!  I now had my tea cup handle!

I still was not sure what I could use for the saucer.  But, then when I was in my garage I saw an actual saucer!!  A sledding saucer.  I decided it could work!!

I sprayed them both white.  This was coming together.

Now I had all parts and it only cost me the spray paint.

I then went and bought some soil and plants.  I was able to find some discounts plants at Lowes.

I bought two bags of soil.  I shoved one end of the bike tire under the saucer and  the other end inside the tire.  I put a couple of bricks I had in the garage to keep it all sturdy.  I then poured in the soil.

This Ice Plant should really spread and maybe drip over the side of the cup in a few years.

Not bad for under $30!!!!

Some day I would love to add a tea room to my back yard.  Not to sell tea, but for ministry.  To have monthly tea tastings for friends and anyone who wants to learn about tea.  I would also love to have other tea classes there as well.  All free, just for fellowship and outreach.

I also love using teapots with my flowers along my fence.

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