Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Suja Peach Ginger Kombucha

I was at Walmart and I saw this new Kombucha that I had not tried before - and it was on sale for $2.99.  I thought I would try it...and I did.  It was great! 

I JUST noticed that Target is selling this Kombucha for .79 from 8/31-9/2!!!!  I am now going on a hunt for this kombucha!!!!!

I just got off the phone with Massillon Target- they did not have any Kombucha.  I called Wadsworth and it was a cartwheel deal- and the limit was 4.  I decided it wasn't worth the drive to Wadsworth if I could only buy 4 for that price.  I will stick with my home made brew.

This is good stuff!!!