Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tea Caddy

My dad revised the tea caddy,  I love it, it is larger than the first one he made.  I have labeled each cubby to keep my tea straight.  It is soooo fun!

You can get a caddy for $60.00

Mixed Iced Tea

I like to mix loose leaf teas together when I make a cup of hot tea.  I figured why not try to mix tea together for iced tea. So, I have been mixing bagged herbal teas together when I make iced tea.  I love making all sorts of various drinks!!!  There are endless possibilities....
When I make iced tea, I like to use herbal tea.  I have been using four bags for each gallon.  When I mix teas, I have been using two bags of each flavor.  When I use herbal tea, I leave the bags in from start to finish.  With herbal tea you can not leave the bags too long... it does not get bitter.  And with herbal tea there is no caffeine.

YUMMY!!  I encourage you to play with your tea.  Be bold and daring.  Try something new.