Monday, December 6, 2021

Harney & Sons Gift Card Fun and Osmanthus Oolong

I was gifted a $100 Harney & Sons gift card.  I was thrilled.  Harney & Sons is one of my top 5 tea companies.

I had so much fun looking at all the tea and choosing teas.  

Check out all this tea!!!  I am so happy!  Tea heaven for sure!

I got this super fun shirt!  It makes me smile!

The first tea I tried was Osmanthus Oolong  I bought it because it sounds fun and it is Oolong which is my favorite. 

From the website, "Fujian Province produces some of China's most exquisite teas, and this exquisite oolong is no exception. A traditional tea well-known for its role in Taiwanese weddings, Osmanthus Oolong features dark notes of fruit and hints of flowers throughout. Smooth and elegant, this tea is light and fragrant—a perfect choice for a sophisticated afternoon teatray. Re-steep the leaves to reveal further beautiful flavors and heavenly aromas."

I googled Osmanthus- as I had never heard of it before. 

For oolong I do not heat the water too hot.  I don't like to bruise the leaves.  I usually make the temp around 180.  Then I steep for 3-4 minutes.

The optimal water temperature depends on the oxidation level of the oolong tea leaves. For lighter, greener oolongs, stay on the lower temperature side. For darker, blacker oolongs, you can bring the water temperature higher.

(Using my Rudy Whistle Mug)

I enjoyed this tea.  I loved the rolled leaves and the oolong flavor that comes out.  The floral notes were subtle, but there.  I also got a bit of citrus in the flavor too.  I liked it, I liked that the oolong was the star of the drink and the Osmanthus herb was just had a supporting role.

Recently I had a tea tasting at my house and I served some of the Iced Teas that I purchased from Harney & Sons.  The iced teas are great and the people enjoyed them too.  I think the Tropical Mango was my favorite.