Thursday, November 7, 2013


This tea sells for $8.75 on line.  But, at my favorite discount store, Massillon Discount Outlet, I bought the tea for $3.29
I am not always a fan of chamomile.  Sometimes it is really strong.  But, I really like this tea.  It has a nice balance of lemon and chamomile.  And of course, as you know, I am a HUGE fan of the mesh bag.  Looking in the mesh bag you can see al the chamomile flowers in there.  It is a really good, kind of mild tea.  I recommend it!

SKU 2863102001
Surprise, it’s lemon grass. The delicate taste of lemon in our Lemon Chamomile tea comes from natural lemon grass, which offers the aroma of lemon without the bitterness of lemons. We combine lemon grass from Thailand with chamomile to blend a honey colored infusion. The result is an invigorating drink that includes an addition of orange peel that adds a delicate citrus flavor.

20 Whole Leaf Tea Bags Leaf: Herbal Chamomile
Origin: Thailand

Aroma: Fresh, crisp, lemony
Body: light
Flavor: well-balanced, bright lemon
Origin: Thailand, USA, Europe

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from on line:

relationships around the world.
Tea is the most widely consumed prepared beverage on Earth. And The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is here to bring you the perfect version of the world's favorite drink.
The liquid gold in your cup began its journey thousands of miles away, on the lush tea plantations of Sri Lanka, Kenya, China, Japan, Thailand and India. We work directly with tea growers in these regions in handcrafting varieties of tea that meet our exacting specifications. Because of our standards for quality, taste and heritage, you're sure to enjoy the very best whole-leaf teas and tea drinks available anywhere.

On the road to tea perfection, we insist on staying connected to the harvest by purchasing directly from the growers - without middlemen, wholesalers, or importer-exporters. It's not only the right thing to do, it allows us to source and deliver the world's finest, most distinctive teas. By staying connected to the people for whom tea is a livelihood, we go beyond fair wages by giving back to the plantations, estates and communities that grow our delicious tea by supporting local education and health-care programs. Cultivating these close ties benefits everyone; from the local growers to our global customers who get to taste the benefits of our partnerships.
David DeCandia: Director of Tea
David is an industry pioneer. He travels the world in search of the best, and is regarded as a trailblazer in the art and business of all things tea. Through the years, he's joined forces with charitable organizations dedicated to the tea estates and communities where our teas are grown. He is a co-founder and a director of the Aid Lanka Kids Foundation and spearheads many community welfare initiatives at our many tea growing regions.