Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Green Tea Smoothie Hong Kong- Nosh Cafe &Bar

Green Tea smoothie in Hong Kong, I had no idea what $58.00 was in Hong Kong, but I was hungry.  I think it was around $8.00.  I bought a black tea ice drink and a green tea smoothie and my credit card bill when I got home was $15.93- YIKES!!!  That is crazy, had I known this I would have never bought it!

But, the green tea smoothie was good and refreshing, it that helps :)



Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ichitan Yen yen cool herb tea- Thailand

I found this tea at the hotel (and then later at the grocery store).  It was a very different tasting sweet tea, but I liked it. It was really sweet, but I found it refreshing in the extreme heat.

sitting on my patio at night, enjoying tea.... here is the website, but it is all in Thai!!!  :)

Found in the grocery store...

so much beauty in Thailand!!!