Home Tea Parties Available upon request. Let me bring the tea party to you.

****Home Tea Parties Available upon request. Let me bring the tea party to you.**** $40 will get you 5 different kinds of tea for up to 8 people. .50 a mile- the first 5 miles are free. I would love to bring my love of tea and tea knowledge to you and your friends. -Kerrie's Cup of Tea, Cuppa and Kettle Cafe

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Miss Hickory's Room, Orange Blossom Oolong, Strongsville Ohio

I have my last Wednesday off .... My office was so wonderful to give us compressed work weeks for the our summers.  Which means, I work 4 ten hour days, but then I have another day off during the week.  I have loved it!!! I had about 12 Wednesdays off and 11 of those involved getting tea :) 

I am sad to have my last mid-week day off, but it has been wonderful!!!  This last day I asked my cousin to go to Trader's Joes, she was in.  Then she said she could also use some tea too...how could I say no?!  I am always in for tea.

After a few minutes on-line, I discovered Strongsville had a tea room.  After looking at the menu and all the options and good prices, we decided this was the place for us.

They had cute tea decor outside and an adorable fairy garden.

This tea room is right off the highway, nestled in nice quiet area.  It is an 1800 farm house that has 2 rooms downstairs for tea, an outdoor patio and four rooms upstairs.

I went with the Orange Blossom Oolong. I love oolong.  I asked how they served their tea, and they said that they put the loose leaf tea in the pot and serve it.  I asked for a tea ball.  The pot was delicious I drank the entire pot. 

**I recommend that you ALWAYS get a tea ball with your tea in it. Wonderful tea rooms like Miss Molly's and Dragon Fly are delightful but they serve the tea incorrectly.  And so does Miss Hickory's.  ****You need to steep your tea for only a few minutes.  If you let it steep too long, only your first cup is perfect. Your following cups of tea will be bitter.   ***  If you get a tea ball and steep for a the proper amount of time, your tea will always be perfect.

I knew I had to do the $15 Afternoon tea.  It had a little bit of everything.

My cousin and I really enjoyed our lunch! (okay, yes it was my day off and I was a little casual)

BLT finger sandwich, Lemon Tea Bread, Scone with clotted cream and jam, Egg Salad finger sandwich, Cucumber finger sandwich, chicken salad in a wonton cup, and strawberries. 

My favorite was the chicken salad in the wonton cup.  Also the lemon tea bread was so good.

They had seating outside on the patio.

We sat in the front room, there is also a room in the back of the house, along with a powder room.

There are four themed rooms and two power rooms upstairs.

More upstairs rooms.

They also sell their teas, and other treats there.

This place is a real gem.  I am fan.  If you are in the area or looking for a fun place to try, you should check this place out.  It is hard to believe it is right near the hustle and bustle of the mall area.

Steam Cafe, Iced Chai Latte with almond milk and almond syrup, Burbank OH

On my Wednesday Wanderings I went in search of all the tea places in Wayne County.  Burbank has the Lodi Outlet and there was the Steam Cafe there, I went to try it out.

While there I saw my friend, Shawn.  He runs Buckin Ohio and Creek Bend Ranch.  I love that place!!

I was disappointed to find that the store was closed.  What a bummer!

I was pleasantly surprised when someone came out and the place was open!!!

They have a large variety of things to eat and drink here, not much tea, but they had some.  I decided to go with the iced Chai Latte with almond milk and almond syrup.  It was very good.

Cheers!  Almond milk and almond syrup were a really nice addition to the chai tea.  The chai tea base they use is the Oregon Chai Concentrate, I am not a fan of it, but with the almond milk and the almond syrup it did help and I enjoyed my iced chai.

Friday, September 6, 2019

The Dragonfly Tea Room, Raspberry Oolong Cold Brew

I love this cold brew tea!!!  The raspberry Oolong is smooth and delicious.  It is a wonderful blend.  

It is super easy to make.  I use 1 tsp per 8oz of water and chill.  And within minutes I have a great iced brew tea.  I add water several times to this pitcher and it is just as good the 2nd and third time as the first.

With cold brew you can leave the leafs in the entire time, you are not releasing the tannins.  The tea does not get bitter. 

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea (pronounced Ew-long) has the second highest caffeine content. In comparison with the other teas, it falls between green and black with moderate oxidation. It commonly is brewed to be strong, with the bitterness leaving a sweet melon-like aftertaste.

Look how open the Oolong tea leaves get!!!

From the Website,  "Nestled in the Historic District of Canal Fulton, Ohio, The Dragonfly Tea Room and Gift Shop resides in the historic Blank House built in 1901.
The Dragonfly Tea Room and Gift Shop is decorated in a warm and welcoming English Garden style. It also features a children’s room decorated in a fairy garden theme, which offers a lovely setting for birthday parties and other special events.
The Ohio Erie Canal, featuring the St. Helena III Canal Boat,  is located across the street. Visitors can make a day of visiting the numerous historic sites in the area and then enjoy a relaxing break at The Dragonfly Tea Room and Gift Shop."

Ohio Tea Company Almond Pear Chai

I decided to try my free 1/2 oz of tea from Ohio Tea Company.  When you register with Ohio Tea Company you get a 1/2 oz of free tea, your pick of tea!  I picked this tea on my birthday.  I had the day off and I knew I wanted to get some tea.

I love going and picking tea.  Ohio Tea Company in Canton has a wonderful selection. 

This is a white tea, so you don't want to boil your water.  If you get the water too hot it it bruises the leaves.  To make the perfect tea you need to have the water temperature correct and you have to steep it for the correct amount of time.

White tea, roasted almonds, sweet pears, apple, ginger, fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, anise seed, star anise, licorice

This is nice tea.  I would not have thought of it as a chai, it is lighter than most chais.  But, it does have some spice in it.  I am not sure I taste the almonds or not, but still a good tea.  I think of it more as a spiced pear tea.

And yes, my pj's have tea cups on them, lol!
Drink up!!  

5569 Fulton Dr NW Canton, Ohio 44718