Saturday, January 8, 2022

Soho, Harney & Sons, for me this was the best new tea in 2021

I discovered Soho tea this fall.  I was given a gift card for Harney & Sons and this was one of the teas I decided to try.

For me this was my favorite new tea of the year.

You would never know that this was a bagged tea.  Harney & Sons know what they are doing.  Their teas are so full of flavor.  You are not getting dusting of leaves here.  You get nice big leaves and in this tea you get these real notes of chocolate and coconut.

I love doing this tea as a latte.  I make the tea, I used less water then suggested and then I take milk and I froth it.  I then combine it for one fantastic cup of tea.

I have made this tea multiple times this year.  And I made it New Years Eve too.  The last tea of 2021 for me and I enjoyed every sip.  This tea gets 5 tea cups from me!!
The notes of chocolate and coconut are blended together so wonderfully.  They work in harmony and one does not overpower the other.
The price on this tea is good too.  You get 20 sachets for $13.00, that is less than $1 a cup!
I highly recommend this tea if you are a fan of chocolate or coconut.

New Years Eve was spent putting together a Friends puzzle, making gingerbread houses with my family,   snuggling with my cat, drinking tea, and watching the newest James Bond movie.  A pretty great way to end the 2021 year.   

2021 was a really great year and I look forward to what 2022 as to bring.  I hope it's a year filled with lots of tea, laughter, joy, and spreading the love of Jesus with all I come in contact with.

We put our gingerbread houses on line for our friends to vote on. What do you think?  Who won?


Friday, January 7, 2022

Tea Tasting Flights with friends

Time for my annual tea tasting event.

I was excited to use my new tea tasting trays that my dad made for me.  My house is over 100 years old.  A few years ago we took the old slate off and had a new metal roof installed.  I saved some of the slate from the roof to do some fun crafts.  I decided some tea trays would be a good craft to start with.

I did four different kinds of mint tea- a purple mint, a green mint, an herbal mint, and a black mint tea.  This would give people an idea of what the different teas taste like.

Ever wonder what the difference between a green mint and a black mint?  Or a purple mint and a black mint tea...this was my chance to show people.  To share with them my passion for tea.  When a tea is made correctly with the right water temp and steeped the right amount of time you can have an amazing cup of tea.

I also did a blueberry tea tasting.  I had blueberry tea in: black, white, green and rooibos. 

I set up a hot water station in the kitchen.  Ready to get my water ready and steep.

Yes, I have a few electric kettles and steepers, but they come in handy when I do these tea tastings.  I can have 5-6 different teas brewing at one time.

I did cold brew teas and milk frothing for lattes.

I did a cold brew of Ohio Tea- Sunny Day Lemonade.

The queen even made an appearance.

I had fun adding some bunting with the United Kingdom's flag  and a Queen's Guard.

I had the little man I bought in the DR, he is holding the cacao bean.  I also had an ABC Tea book that I made there as well.

I used the trays my dad made, from slate on my roof, as a hot plate for the tea kettles.

I lined the steps with teapots.

I also lined the walk with tea pots.

I wanted everyone to know that this was the place for the party.  It is always fun to see who shows up, I usually have no idea how many to expect.  I love these tea tasting days.  Eventually I would like to do 5-6 a year.

I gathered some fresh flowers from my garden for the tables.

I made some iced teas.  Tazo Passion tea is one of my favorites.  This is the Passion tea that is served at Starbucks.  When I get it at Starbucks I always had for half the syrup.  This tea can be really sweet, but it doesn't have to be.

I also made a purple butterfly pea tea.  I used Ohio Tea Lavender and Ohio Tea Butterfly Pea Tea, and then put Dammann Mint tea in it as well.

I made a Harney & Sons, Tropical Mango iced tea too.

I also made the Cacao Tea that I purchased in the DR.  

I made this tea as a latte.  Brewed the tea and then frothed in Oat Milk.  It tasted almost like hot chocolate. 

I made this sign to let people know that I am serving tea.  The sign is on the front door and I am now ready for the guests to arrive.

I have my fun new "teas" shirt on that I got fro Harney & Sons.

Table ready.  I have some cookies and treats ready, as well as pots of tea to try.

Tea tasting the different kinds of mint teas.

My first guests were these 3.  

I made individual cups of tea as people requested different teas to try.

So fun to see who came, people from all areas of my, work, neighbors, family, and friends.

I made bubble tea for those who requested it.

Here is my mom with my homemade kombucha...she wants to like it, but just can't get past the vinegar taste.

My one friend makes jellies.  She made an apple chai jelly along with another tea jelly.  They were great.  Such a fun addition to the tea.

It was fun to have some new faces this year. 

Sharing tea is always a good idea.  Sitting and sharing a cuppa with a friend or multiple people is relaxing and a great way to spend time together.