Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Homemade Rasberry Kombucha Blends

I made three gallons of raspberry Kombucha- all the same way.  But, when I went to do F2, I added the different flavors.
3 gallons Kombucha bottled for fremenation2- aka carbonation!  Raspberry ginger, raspberry grape ginger, and raspberry peach ginger 😀😂💜😂💜

I found that the peach ferments the fastest and grape is the slowest. On F2 I let the peach out for only 3 days, but I leave the grape out for over 7.  I love learning about this stuff!!!  I am a huge fan of the raspberry and ginger. I have been sharing these bottles with so many people.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff.  And on a personal note, I can tell it is working on my gut :)