Saturday, May 18, 2013

TEA FORTE Ginger Plum

I love the mesh tea bags and the leaf top!

Another tea I like...I find I like teas more and more!  This one has a great flavor and color.    I can either put the tea bag in the mug to steep, or I can use the infuser.  I like to use my Teavana infuser even with the tea bags. the taste is very strong and oh so good!  Again, I can get two cups of tea out of one bag.

GOOD EARTH tea pomgrante & cherry

I am thankful my sister told me about Good Earth. I really do like the flavor the tea produces.  I am not also so big on cherry flavor, but this one is real and not artificial tasting.  I can easily get too cups of tea out of the one bag.
The prices are very good too, 18 tea bags for $4.49.

Green tea, hibiscus, natural flavors, blackberry leaf, elderberry, licorice root, pomegranate flower, pomegranate, acerola cherry juice.
Our distinctive Superfruit tea is generously endowed with the taste of cherries, berries, pomegranates and a smidgen of licorice. Enjoy the clear taste of fresh, ripe, ever so slightly tart, fruits in this special blend

Friday, May 17, 2013

I gave it my best...

I need to work on my technique!!!  I think I needed more tea in the tea pot.  When I practiced it went in, but when we did it "live" it just sprayed.  I will work on it and look forward to what you come up with.

Submit photos by Thursday May 23rd to win!!!!


They say that imitation is the best form of I am having a contest to see who can do this! I saw this photo yesterday and fell in love with it! I knew I HAD to try it!
I am trying it later today. Upload photos of you, your kids, your friends, you pets...anyone blowing tea out of the tea pot into the cup and you could win! Thursday the 23rd we will pick a winner and they will win some fun bagged tea. Be creative and get started!!! I will post mine when I do it

Thank you Smith Tea for the idea!!!!

You can enter as many photos as you want to either my blog or Kerrie's Cup of Tea facebook page.  There will be one winner! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013


6 lemon ice teas....blind taste testing.  Six ladies at work tried the teas to figure out what might be the best.  The thing I learned was not everyone likes lemon tea.  And I admit it is not my favorite either, but we did try them and rank them!

We ladies had fun, we may have to try this again soon

The ladies at work picked
#1 Fuze
#2 Brisk
#3 Pure Leaf
#4 Arizona
#4 Golden peak
#5 Nestea
#1 Golden Peak
#2 Pure Leaf
#3 Fuze
#4 Arizona
#5 Brisk- too sweet
#6 Nestea- too sweet

#1 for me, light- not overly lemoning   1 bottle= 190 calories

 #2 Pure Leaf, not too sweet   1 bottle= 175 calories,  Pure Leaf is made by Lipton

#3 Fuze 1 bottle= 210 calories
#4 half and half.  1 bottle = 270 calories
.99 - good price!

  #5 waaay to sweet for me, and the taste is artificial   1 bottle= 240 calories    Brisk is also made by Lipton

#6 waaay to artificial tasting and sweet for me
1 bottle= 225 calories


It's Thursday at work.  What fun can we have?  How about a taste testing for my blog.  Ran around town last night and found peach bottle ice teas, small cups and I was set to go!  we had so much fun we thought we should do it again.  maybe next time we will let the guys join us :)
I set up 7 different cold bottled Peach teas for 6 ladies I work with to taste.  They did not know which tea they were tasting.  There was: Pure Leaf, Smith, Snapple, Tazo, Arizona, Honest Tea, and Sweet Leaf.

here goes the Blind Taste Test....

The winner:  Smith's Peach Tea
#2 Arizona Peach and lemonade
#3 Snapple
#4 Pure Leaf
#5 Sweet Leaf
#6 Honest Tea
#7 Tazo
Funny how people have different taste buds.  My picks varied;
#1 Snapple
#2 Smith's
#3 Pure Leaf
#4 Sweet Leaf
#5 Honest Tea
#6 Tazo- too strong
#7 Arizona- too sweet

I love love love Peach Snapple!!  I also love the Snapple real facts
1 bottle= 180 calories

Favorite #2 is made in here in Orrville!!!!!  I like the peach tea, but I tend to go half and half with it...half tea half water!  yep, it goes twice as far and it is not as sweet.

Pick #3 is Pure Leaf, which is from Lipton. 
1 bottle = 100 calories1111

choice #4  1 bottle= 140 calories.  it is also fun to have fun facts under the lid.  this one is a bit pricey, it was over $2.00.  I only bought it so we could taste test it at work.  I would never spend this much on this size bottle of tea.
#5  I liked the bit of white tea with the Peach
  best calories too 1 bottle= 80 calories,  but it was also more expensive.

#6 choice Tazo.  I thought it was too strong.        
Tazo was started by Steve Smith and is now owned by Starbucks.
1 bottle= 180 calories...yikes!!!
#7 Arizona Peach tea with lemonade.  it was waaaaay to sweet for me. 1 can= 150 calories.  cheapest .99

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

TEAVANA Pomgranate Cranberry

When you buy the tea in the store, they come in these storage bags.  The store nicely, but I would not keep them in there for a long period of time.  I like the sealed bags that you get on line better than the bags in the store.  But, if I really like the tea I am putting it in the tin anyway, so it really does not matter.  The tins vary in price.  Also if you order a lot of tea the price goes keep that in mind.  If you buy on line it is nice to remember that you get a free sample and if you order over $50.00 your shipping is free.  If you are not going to spend that much find a friend who may want to order with you.  I find that I have about 8 flavors I really like so I save by ordering on line and not going to the mall to purchase it.
Sweet meets tart in this herbal treasure that is nothing short of "nectar of the gods" goodness. Plump and juicy pineapple, crisp apple and bright raspberry blend superbly with cranberry and pomegranate, while fragrant notes of marigold and hibiscus round out this fruit and floral taste adventure that's full of delicious surprises.

Sweet, bright cranberry, pineapple and raspberry notes with juicy pomegranate flavor
2 0z $6.80


This tea is a little tart for me, but I still liked it.  It is definitely better warm then cold.  The color is beautiful. I would probably give it a 3.5 out of 5.