Friday, May 21, 2021

Super Milk Tea

If you like the idea of a 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 tea, google it.  There are lots of varieties and choices out there.  I have seen Earl Grey 3 in 1 teas, Roasted Milk Tea 3 in 1, Ginger Tea 3 in 1, and more.

From the website, "SUPER Milk Tea Original is made with premium milk tea blended with sugar and non-dairy creamer giving you a full-bodied and creaminess tea taste we know you love."

I became a fan of these 3 in 1 teas when I was in Malaysia a few years ago.  I don't drink them too often because of the sugar that is added.  I try not to add sugar to my tea, but I have to say I love the combination of these teas with sugar and non-dairy creamer that is added.

This tea is super easy to make.  It is instant, so you are just adding hot water and stirring.  The only down side is sugar that is included.  The tea is flavorful and creamy with a bit of sweetness.