Home Tea Parties Available upon request. Let me bring the tea party to you.

****Home Tea Parties Available upon request. Let me bring the tea party to you.**** $40 will get you 5 different kinds of tea for up to 8 people. .50 a mile- the first 5 miles are free. I would love to bring my love of tea and tea knowledge to you and your friends. -Kerrie's Cup of Tea, Cuppa and Kettle Cafe

Friday, October 29, 2021

Red Mug, Orchard Peach Iced Tea, Mt Hope oh

I love love love that there are little coffee (tea) shops popping up in all these little towns near me.  And I love even more how many are started by Christians with a passion for people.  This is one of those places.  

When I head to Amish Country, I always think of Mt Hope as the start of the journey.  When I start my journey I need some tea, lol!!!  I usually do the Lumberjack Latte, but today I wanted something cooler, since it was hot out.  I did the iced tea.

The prices here are some of the best around.  To get large drinks for under $5 is really rare.  I am more likely to buy something to go with my drink when the drink is well priced.  And they always have a nice display of goodies to choose from.

This shop is really clean and inviting.  I love the vibe and industrial look that they are using here.

16 oz iced tea was $3.50.  The flavors were spot on for peach notes.  The base tea was also very nice.  I thought this was a really good iced tea.

This tea get four tea cups out of 5.  The taste is really good, the price is excellent and the staff is super kind and helpful.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Earl Grey is a poster child

I am sure you have seen this before- Ohio Tea surprised me with a tea label with my cat on it.  This is not the label that the regular customer gets, this is just a special one for me.  I adore it!!

I decided to blow it up and put it in my dinning room.  It makes me smile every time I see it.

I think that Earl Grey likes it and approves of it too.

Yes, this is a keeper!!!!

I love love love this poster!!!

I am thinking of asking Ohio Tea to make a special label for my 50th birthday.  I would love to create a tea with oolong, coconut and lavender.