Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Charleston Plantation Tea- Plantation Peach

My boss and his wife went to Charleston and visited the tea plantation. I have to admit I was admit a bit jealous.  He was kind enough to bring me this peach tea.

Did you know that Charleston South Carolina is the only state in the US that has the conditions to grow tea?  It is true!!
This tea looks beautiful, smells beautiful and tastes wonderful.

This is a black tea so you want your water to boil.  You steep the tea 4-5 minutes for maximum flavor and intensity. 

This weekend 1/19-20/2019 was called Snowmagden. They were saying we could have 5-18" of snow.  
I was able to make this tea three times before I tossed the leaves.  Because this is a black tea it pairs nicely with milk.  I do no always add milk to flavored black teas, but I had almond milk and it paired great with the peach tea.

I stayed home this weekend. I made lots of tea and played in the snow.  I love winter and the snow.

I made a snow friend.  We enjoyed tea together , lol!!

So true!  God loves you and wants a relationship with you.