Monday, April 13, 2015

Lou Lan Cha bubble Tea in Munich Germany 2014

I can't believe I forgot to post this Bubble Tea adventure I had in Germany last fall!!!!  One of the last days at my cousins, I decided to google map the nearest bubble tea shop.  I found one was really close!!!  I hopped on my cousins bike and I was off to find the shop.

I don't remember this ride took more than 20 minutes, it was quick and fun!!!!

I found it fairly easily, I think I only had to turn around once- and that was because I was having trouble reading the numbers on the buildings.

I was sooo excited to have found this place on my own!  It was probably a good thing I did not find it until one of my last days there.  The tea was great- I remember thinking I should get another and put it in my bike basket for the place ride home, but then I remembered I could not take it on the plane!!!  (although, I could not tell you now- six months later what I ordered)

I'm a little sweaty, but I made it!  The tea was refreshing!!!

It was a tiny little place, that is why I almost missed it. But, for what they are selling, they do not need a big shop.

On my way home I found the queen!!!  How lucky did I get???

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mixing Teavana Tea-Lavendar Dreams and Pineapple Kona Pop

It's not always okay to play with your food.  But you can ALWAYS play with your tea!!!  Just remember a few things.  If you are mixing different kinds of teas together like White and Herbal- go with the lighter tea on steeping time and water temperature.  When I make this combination- WHICH I LOVE- I make sure the water DOES NOT come to a boil, so I don't bruise the delicate white tea leaves.  And then I steep it 2 minutes, not the 5-6 minutes like I would an herbal tea.  As long as you keep that in mind, I say play away!!!

Enjoy a soothing evening with this delicate white tea infused with the tranquility only lavender can create. Sweet floral harmony is just a cup away with aromatic lavender blossoms, rose buds and sweet peach.
Naturally sweet and subtly floral infusion with lavender undertones
How to Steep
Use 1.5-2 tsp of tea per 8oz of water. Heat water to 175 degrees (79 degrees Celsius) and steep for 2 minutes. For stronger flavor, use more tea leaves. 2oz of tea equals 25-30 teaspoons.

Ingredients: White tea, lavender blossoms, grapes, apple pieces, candied papaya pieces (papaya, sugar, citric acid), peach pieces (peach, rice flour), citrus peels, carrot pieces, lemon verbena, rosebuds, passion flower herb, marigold petals

Prepare to receive the royal pineapple treatment. The mainland melts away as the warmth of pineapple sunshine filtersthrough a canopy of fragrant orange blossoms. You’re on island time now.

Pineapple and citrus infusion with light floral undertones
How to Steep
Use 1.5-2 tsp of tea per 8oz of water. Heat water to just at boiling (208 degrees/98 degrees Celsius) and steep for 5-6 minutes. For stronger flavor, use more tea leaves. 2oz of tea equals 25-30 teaspoons.

Ingredients: Apple pieces, candied pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar), natural and artificial flavoring, rose blossom leaves, rosebuds, marigold blossoms, orange blossoms

I love the smell of this tea.  It is so fresh and invigorating!  And the taste is even better!

Menchies Spiced Chai Latte

Enjoying Menchies Spiced Chai Latte for my 43rd birthday.  I loved it
Having fun on my day off with my sister!  And I'll take my tea- hot, cold, or frozen!!!!