Home Tea Parties Available upon request. Let me bring the tea party to you.

****Home Tea Parties Available upon request. Let me bring the tea party to you.**** $40 will get you 5 different kinds of tea for up to 8 people. .50 a mile- the first 5 miles are free. I would love to bring my love of tea and tea knowledge to you and your friends. -Kerrie's Cup of Tea, Cuppa and Kettle Cafe

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Angel Falls Coffee Co, Pumpkin Chai

The day after Thanksgiving was a great day to get out and do a little tea hunting.  I had never gone tea tasting in the Fairlawn, Ohio area, so I spent the day hoping from one tea place to another. 

This cafe has all kinds of food and drink choices.  I was excited to find a place to eat where I could eat inside.  This place seemed like a local hang out, or at least a lot of people seemed to know each other.  There were many places to sit and everything was really clean. 

I decided to try the egg salad and pumpkin chai.

I went with the chai.  I watched the barista, he went to great effort , there were all kinds of steps he went through to make the chai.  It was a bit sweet, but other than that it was really good.  I also got more pumpkin then chai flavor...I was hoping for a nice mix of flavors.

The egg salad sandwich was good, but overpriced.

It is a cute little shop. I liked the neighborhood.

I gave this chai latte only 4 tea cups because it was a bit sweet and I got more pumpkin than chai.  Also the price was a bit high.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Ohio Tea 5 year Anniversary Tea

During my Christmas break I the delight of having a day off when it snowed.  Drinking tea and watching it snow is a perfect day to me.

My favorite tea shop was celebrating their 5 Year Anniversary in 2020!  I could not wait to try their anniversary tea.

I love this tea shop!  You really need to check this place out!  Get registered and sign up for their mailing and they will ship their tea for free. They offer a variety of over 400 of the finest loose leaf teas, tisanes, herbs and accessories from around the world.

Ingredients in this tea...it is Black Tea, orange, honeybush, hibiscus, rose-hips, cacao, apple pieces, safflower pieces, white chocolate, vanilla and lemon.

(The white chocolate blended in the tea is from a local chocolate shop, Honadle's Fine Chocolates! )

Since it is a black tea, I heated my water over 200 degrees.  I then steeped my tea for 3-4 minutes.   

I put 1 tsp in the tea cup tea steeper.

Yes, I admit I thought this tea might have too many ingredients, BUT I WAS SO WRONG!  I loved it.  The notes of chocolate and lemon with the citrus and black tea.  Every sip was full of wonderful and new flavors.  I think this might be my new favorite.

This was a limited edition tea, I hope you are able to find and try it.

I gave this tea 5 tea cups, it was completely worth it! The flavors are so unique and delicious.

I enjoyed painting as I watched it snow and drank cup after cup of this tea.  Earl Grey enjoyed watching it snow too.

I finished the lavender field painting

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Wink, Thirst Aid Container

I found this fun Thirst Aid Container at this fun shop in Berlin- Modern Farmhouse Home Goods.  It was the first time I was in there, but not the last.  They had great style and unique items.  

This container was $10.50.

It is so simple to fill with tea.  The mouth of the container is large and easy to fill.

I had opened to enjoy drinking tea from this container, but I think it is more of a novelty gift then a practical one.

The plastic lid that fits over the white nozzle doesn't fit tightly.  Also it leaks a bit at the nozzle.  So, while it is super cute and a clever idea, I don't think it is ideal to really use. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Christmas tea pot from Hong Kong and tea cup from Kenya

My parents gave me this tea pot for Christmas.  I had seen it before and was excited to see it show up as a Christmas gift.  They had gotten it  in a box of items at an auction in Kidron a few years ago.

We have a friend who used to live in Hong Kong, so we asked what the teapot may say...here were their thoughts....

The little square with 4 characters is really to fuzzy, but if it is from the bottom of the tea set it probably is either a date or the name of the company that made it.

The words on the teapot.  It is quite possibly a poem.  We are able to read the name of the one who wrote it.  Shi Sheng Li, but after checking on google find no reference to a poet with that name.  
Of the 10 characters that are in the calligraphy, they are written in the author's own specific artistic style, making it difficult to look them up in any dictionary at our disposal, and rest assured we own quite a few besides the ones now available to us on the internet. 
We are quite sure that we know 5 of the 10 characters, and have a pretty good guess about 4 others.  There is however one that has us completely baffled and we cannot find it anywhere....leading us to believe it is either very obscure or written in such a flamboyant style it completely eludes our western minds!!
So here is our best bet for what it says, 


Your guess is as good as mine about what the writer may have been trying to get across, but it seems to be a fine sentiment and not something evil or harmful!!

I also got these adorable little wooden tea cup.  It was hand made in Kenya.

 I am not sure I will drink from it, but it is super cute.  

I also got these fun tea items for Christmas... along with some tea too.  I also got money for a tea plant...see another post about my tea plant, Camellia Sinensis. 

Coblentz Chocolate

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

2020 International Virtual Tea Festival!

So, I signed up for a virtual tea festival.  How fun is that??
I was able to log in and view tea classes and seminars.


If you see one of these options, sign up for it.  You can still do and see a lot for free. These classes were educational and easy to attend virtually.


Access Pass Details:
General Admission Pass (Free): Access to the virtual vendor floor, livestream main room presentations 
and some pre-recorded content classes. Ability to purchase any pre-recorded class that does not include 
additional materials that are mailed to you. This requires registration on the event site in order to get your 
access link.

Tea Lover Pass ($25): Everything thing from General Admission Pass + swag box shipped to you with 
porcelain tasting cup (random selection of cup from Chicago International Tea Festival, Sacramento Tea 
Festival, archived designs from the Midwest Tea Festival or Tea Sippers Sip For Peace campaign), samples
 of teas/goodies (pending donations from vendors and sponsors). Access to some pre-recorded content, l
ivestream main room presentations. Ability to all purchase pay-per classes. Access link to the event site 
will be emailed to you. 

Deluxe (Lite) Tea Lover Pass ($37): Everything from Tea Lover Pass + t-shirt and invitations to sit in on 
early live presentations to help us test out the system, entry into Golden Ticket prize giveaway that will be 
mailed to the winner(s) after the event by the Golden Ticket donors. Golden Ticket prizes will be worth a 
minimum of $100 retail value. Also an exclusive discount towards purchase of entire catalog of 
pre-recorded content. Access link to the event site and discount code for pre-recorded catalog purchase 
will be emailed to you. 

Deluxe Tea Lover Pass ($45): Sold Out
How do I attend this virtual festival?​You will need internet access. Video and microphone on your 
computer is optional but will enhance your experience. Live and recorded content will be presented. 
Having a space nearby where you can heat water and prepare tea along with presenters will also add to 
your enjoyment of the event. ​
Registration on the event site will be required in order to obtain the access code for the event. Tickets 
range in price as detailed below and come with differing inclusions. 
We will have a virtual walk through of the event site before the event happens so you know exactly w
hat to expect, how to find things on the site, how to get to your classes... everything you need to make 
your experience an enjoyable one! 


Tea Market: 


The virtual booths will all give guests the ability to live chat with merchants through text and video, many merchants will have show specials and may also host their own live demos or other video content in their booths. Access to the tea market will be open to all guests during the official show hours, 9:00am-4:00pm (CST).

Education & Entertainment:


We will be offering a mix of pre-recorded and live content. All content will continue to be available with varying degrees of access after the event as well. Some content will be accessible to all guests; some will have additional fees associated with it depending on the preference of the speaker. 

The livestream main room will have continuous content throughout both days including live panel discussions, interviews with authors and other tea personalities, fun activities, a live tasting competition (details still being sorted out) and as many other things as we can fit in! 

Pre-recorded content will be hosted on a freely accessible video hosting site yet to be determined. Live content will be hosted on Zoom. 

Connect with other tea lovers in our break out discussion rooms that will have scheduled topics assigned. Guests can drop during a topic they like  to connect with other tea enthusiasts, share their knowledge, gain more, meet with old tea friends and make new!

I was so excited to receive my box of goodies.  There as all kinds of fun teas to try, a t-shirt, a magazine, flyers. stickers. and a cup.

Some of the teas I received to try.

Here is one of the classes I signed up for.   I found this interesting.  I really thought this so was a super clever and creative idea for them to open this festival up to the public.