Friday, July 1, 2016

Garden tea

It rained in the morning and then by 5:00 we were ready to move the tables out and set up.  It was perfect!!!  The Gardner (aka dad) and I moved the tables from the garage to the garden.

The queen made a stop in for the tea....she saw the flags were out!!!!!

My Aunt Lois, Aunt Emma, Aunt Mabel and my mom!!!

Cousins' daughter London

Cousins' daughter Kennedy

Friends' daughter from Church

Perfect weather for my parents tea!!
chicken salad in puff pastries, cucumber sandwiches

chocolate covered strawberries, lemon bread, lemon curd, raspberry dessert 

├ęclairs and more!!!

mini quiches, Swedish nuts, pb&J for the kids

The finger foods were divine!!!!  Totally scrumptious!!!!!