Home Tea Parties Available upon request. Let me bring the tea party to you.

****Home Tea Parties Available upon request. Let me bring the tea party to you.**** $40 will get you 5 different kinds of tea for up to 8 people. .50 a mile- the first 5 miles are free. I would love to bring my love of tea and tea knowledge to you and your friends. -Kerrie's Cup of Tea, Cuppa and Kettle Cafe

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Human Bean- Steve Smith Fez Iced Tea

I was in Canton the other day and I remembered that my friend told me about this coffee/tea place. I decided it was a perfect time to try their tea.

This cute little kiosk like building is in a parking lot in Canton.  This is a perfect place and a great idea....I need a tea place like this!!!

I asked if they used Oregon Chai in the chai they said yes.  Since I am not a fan of Oregon Chai concentrate, I decided to go for some thing different.  

The used Steve Smith for their iced teas.  I love Steve Smith teas.  I went with the green tea, Fez.
I like the Fez Tea- it reminds me of when I drank Fez tea with Steve Smith in Portland. 

(2013 Fez Tea at Steve Smith Tea in Portland OR with Steve Smith) 

They have lots of options for tea, coffee, and other frozen drinks.

I enjoyed my ice tea and the price was very very reasonable.  The only thing was that I think that the green tea might have been over brewed, it was a tad bitter.  I am wondering if they brewed the tea with too hot of water or over steeped it.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Green Hill Tea Elderberry - cold brewed

I wasn't feeling well.  I am trying to fight a cold and they say that Elderberries are great help for that.  Plus, elderberry is my favorite pie.  My mom makes it for my birthday.

2003 from WebMD, "Sambucol, a black elderberry extract, appears to short-circuit flu symptoms, a new study shows."

WikiHow, "Elderberry is a highly effective herbal remedy for colds and flu. It has been used in medicines for a long time and contains bioflavonoids that significantly boost the immune system. It has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-influenza and anticancer properties. Some studies showed that taking elderberry extract Sambucol shorten the duration of cold and flu by about three days. You can ingest elderberry in many forms such as syrup, tea, pills, and lozenges. You can make these concoctions yourself or purchase them from a store. Make sure your doctor knows that you are using elderberry."

I decided to cold brew the elderberry tea.

I took a pitcher of cold water with ice and in the strainer I added my loose leaf tea.  The great thing about cold brew tea is that you can add water to the loose leaf tea over and over again.
This is great sugar free option to bottled ice tea you might find at the store too.  Take your favorite loose leaf tea or even bagged tea and add to water.

I just add some loose leaf tea, I do not measure, sorry I can't tell you how much I add.

You can make this the night before and out put in the frig.  I add ice and and within 10 minutes I have my tea.  The tea taste is more mellow then hot brewed, less caffeine, and also there are less tannins in cold brewed tea.  Tannins are a type of polyphenol, an antioxidant compound in tea leaves that imparts an astringent taste to the tea. Fewer tannins result in a smoother, sweeter tea. 

I really liked this tea.  I had co-workers try it too and they liked it too. It was not tart like we thought it would be.  I thought it was fruity and very refreshing.

Not sure if it was the tea or the essential oils or the health supplements, but I felt better in a day or two. 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Kadir Pasembor, Tesco, Iced Milk Tea

My last night in Penang, I was in search of the best  shwarmas in Penang and oyster omelettes.  My friend told me find the Viva Hawker Stalls.  Unfortunately my Grab dropped me off at the wrong place.

This was a nice refreshing drink.  It was a nice way to end my day....

Teh Tarik - Tea with condensed milk, sweet

Teh O Panas - same tea without ice
The Panas (=hot) is optional, sometimes you will get the drinks with ice anyway so you add "panas" just to make sure.
If you want a cold drink you just add "ais" to it:
Teh Ais - Ice Tea with condensed milk
Teh O Ais - Ice Tea
Important: every drink in Malaysia is by default very (very) sweet. I would recommend to order everything with the magic words "kurang manis" (=less sweet):

So, on my last day I had an adventure.  My Grab driver dropped me off here.  This was not where I was supposed to be, I was not sure what to do since I did not have wi-fi.  I could not call anyone and my Grab had already left.  I was not sure I eat here either.
I saw down the street was Tesco, a mall. I thought I would walk there, use their wi-fi and find out where the Viva Hawker Stalls were supposed to be.

I was waiting to cross the road to Tesco and I could not get the light to turn red for the cars to stop.  One local ran across the street in between the cars, he tried to get me to run with him....I said no way...but later wished I run with him!!
While waiting to cross the road a storm came through.  I mean a storm! I thought it was going to hail.  I had no place to hide, I was drenched.  I then saw an abandoned food stall.  The entry had a large piece of metal blocking the door.  I moved the metal and waited out the storm in the deserted building.  

The cars were zipping by and the water started to rise on the sidewalks.  I had sandals on, and my feet were soaked and there was grit all over my feet.  My entire body was soaked.  So, no longer was I looking to use the wi-fi at Tesco to find the Viva Hawker Stalls for the Shawarmas and oyster omelettes, but now I wanted to eat at Tesco and go home.

Finally the rain slowed down, I took my sandals off, went back to the cross walk and pushed the button to get the light to turn red.
I finally was able to run across the street, as I started out a biker ran the red light and almost hit me.  I survived and made it across the street and to the Tesco.
I ate at the KFC, they had Truffle coated Parmesan cheese chicken- I have to say it was pretty good.  I got my milk tea too.  The nice thing about Tesco there was wi-fi, so I was able to get a Grab back to where I was staying.  If I had gone to the Hawker Stall I would have had wi-fi, so I am not sure how I would have gotten home.  So, it all worked out for the best.

Just a little wet...